(21st Century Bio-Technology + Traditional Chinese Medical Science)
Malaysia Approval Code : MAL 20034169 TC and approved by FDA, USA.

Produces by Inner Mongolia Yuhangren Hi-Tech Indutrial Co., Ltd (Subsidiary of China Space Agency) with co-operation from ALPHA of Germany in Co2 Extraction technology.

SNE Capsule uses macromolecular mucopolysaccharides as it’s main active Ingredient supplemented by a bio-essence, wild fructus hippophae seed oil, extracted and refined utilizing supercrotocal carbon dioxide (CO2) extractive technique. This is the first time ever 2 natural, nutrient-rich compounds are combined in the best proportion into one product, employing the new technology of “Rapid Enzyme Decomposition”

Composition and Pharmacology

1. Macromolecular, Mucopolysaccharides - Essential to the human tissues and cells. Boosts the Immune System, Has tolerance over the lack of oxygen, eliminates free radicals, nourishes the liver, promotes detoxification function, increases the ability of liver, bone marrow and blood to synthesize DNA & RNA proteins, has anti-tumour, anti radiation properties, slows down aging of skin and internal organs, promotes longevity.

2. Oligomeric Procyanidolic Complex (OPC)- The most potent antioxidant in scavenging free radicals. Prevents and treats more than 70 types of ailment triggered by free radicals; breaks down, converts, synthesizes, produces acetic acid, lactic acid, nucleic acid and uric acid; inhibits and destroys harmful bacteria; eliminates toxic substances.

3.Organic Yeast - Breaks down, converts, synthesizes, produces acetic acid, lactic acid, nucleic acid and uric acid; inhibits and destroys harmful bacteria; eliminates toxic substances.

4. Positively Charged Fibres - Good affinity, permeability, activation and detoxification effects with the human cells. Excretes excessive fats, sugar, salt, heavy metals and metabolic products from the body.

5. Nucleic Acid- The most important of all nutrients for sustaining life. Constantly participates in the absorption of nutrients and gene repair. All ailments and aging problems are related to gene damage. Longevity can only be attained if nucleic acid is replenished daily.

6. Mushroom Colloids - Cleanses blood, improves elasticity of blood vessels, reduces viscosity of blood.

7. Vitamin A- Promotes growth, controls cell hyperplasia and differentiation, inhibits growth and spread of cancerous cells, strengthens immune functions of body cells.

8. Vitamin D- Maintains the consistency of calcium and phosphorous in the blood, promotes growth of bones.

9. Vitamin K- Promotes blood coagulation, effectively stops bleeding, acts as an analgesic, prevents spasms, strengthens peristaltic functions of the intestines.

10. Vitamin E- Has anti-oxidative and anti-aging properties. It is one of the important vitamins in preventive health.

11. Flavones- Strengthens tolerance, reduce permeability of capillary walls, prevents damage to VC in the body, inhibits progress of atherosclerosis, reduces cholesterol level in blood serum, effectively prevents and treats cardiac ailment, cardio-cerebral ailment, digestive ailments, has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties, protects liver.

12. Organic Acids- Possesses anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial, detoxifying properties, prevents the formation of thrombus, prevents heart rate disorder, lowers blood lipid, nurtures the blood vessels, increases their tenacity and elasticity indispensable element to a healthy body.

13. Polyphenols- Possesses strong anti-oxidative properties, helpful in resisting cancer and radioactive damage.

14. Linolenic Acid- Maintains normal metabolic functions, improves immune system, reduce blood pressure, reduce blood lipids, inhibits clustering of platelets, prevents viral and bacterial infections, inhibits growth and spread of cancerous cells, promotes cerebral development, improves brain functions, enhances memory power.

15. Linoleic Acid- Maintains a balance of electrolytes in the body, maintains a stable internal environment, regulates blood pressure, reduce cholesterol level in blood serum, inhibits clustering of platelets, prevents arrhythmia, prevents cardio-vascular ailments, reduces total lipids and low density lipoproteins in the plasma.

16. Oleic Acid - Reduces cholesterol level in blood serum, inhibits clustering of platelets.

17. Sterol - It is one of the components in the formation of cell membranes, repairs damaged cells, resumes normal functions, promotes cell metabolism, increase vitality, reduces cholesterol in the serum, prevents cononary arteriosclerosis, increase tenacity of the blood capillaries of the skin, has anti-inflammatory action, reduces itch, slow down the process of aging.

18. B-Sitosterol- Reduces the absorption of cholesterol by the human body, prevents atherosclerosis. It is an active ingredient in resisting ulcer.

19. B-Pure Root Grain - One of the active ingredients in preventing and treating atherosclerosis.

20. Carotenoids- It is the precursor of vitamin A. Regulates immune functions bi-directionally, eliminates free radicals, prevents cancer, slow down aging, tones kidney, promotes absorption, of nutrients promotes longevity.

21. B-Alkaloids - A rare type of plant nerve carrier. Has important regulatory effects on human emotions, blood pressure, body temperature, internal conditions and hormones. Possesses anti-cancer, anti-radiation, anti-ulcer properties. Prevents infection, prevents pathological changes in liver.

22. Terpenes -It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic, anti-tussive actions. Relieves cramps, Acts as analgesic, reduce blood pressure, promotes circulation, regulates blood sugar, strengthens immune system, inhibits the growth of tumour, strengthens heart muscles, prevents ulcers. It is used for treating wounds and ulcers.

23. Phospholipids - Promotes cell metabolism, prevents fatty liver and cirrhosis, reduces blood lipid level, prevents atheroclerosis and the formation of blood clots.


1. Disease of the Respiratory Tract -Respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, cough, asthma, lung infection, emphysema.- 2 Capsules twice daily

2. Cardiovascular Disease & Cerebrovascular Disease-. Cononary heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, blood clots in brain.- 3 Capsules twice daily

3. Disease of the urinary system.- Nephritis, renal failure, sexual sysfunction, prostaitis, impotence & premature ejaculation, infection of the urinary system. -3 Capsules twice daily

4. Disease of the Circulatory system.- Anaemia, deceasse in platelet count. -4 Capsules twice daily

5. Disease of the gastrointestinal tract.- Piles, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, acute & chronic gastroenteritis, esophagitis, colitis, acute & chronic diarrhea, indigestion.- 2 Capsules twice daily

6. CANCER- Gastric cancer, esophagus cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, ascites carcinoma, radiotherapy patient, cancer of the uterus.- 4 Capsules twice daily

7. Disease of The Nervous system.- Dizziness, nervous headache, low blood pressure, sciatica, insomnia.- 2 Capsules twice daily

8. Rheumatism & Artheitis-. Arthritis, pain in joints, join enlargement, pain in the cervical vertebra, scapulohumeral periarthritis, rheumatic pain.- 2 Capsules twice daily

9. Metabolic Dysfunction Disease.- Diabetes, high bllod lipid, obesity, constipation.- 3 Capsules twice daily

10 Disease of the Five Sensory Organs-. Conjunctivities, keratitis, redness, swelling & pain, tympanitis, rhintis, pharyngitis, stomatitis, aphtha, tonsillitis.- 2 Capsules twice daily

11. Skin Disease- Acne, dark spot, pigmentaion, aczema measles, psoriasis, itch caused by beri-beri, wrnkles, dull complextion.- 2 Capsules twice daily (Also Apply externally).

12. Semi Healthy State.- Insomia & forgetfulness, sleppy, too many dreams, prone to tiredness, weak limbs, pain in shoulder & back, lethargy, poor concentration, dizziness, dysphoria. -2 Capsules twice daily

13. Protection Against Radiation.- Exposed to radiation, use computer, use mobile phone, deteriorating vision caused by flying activity, pain in sysballs, deteriorating sense of hearing, tired easily, not feeling well, headache, light-headedness.- 2 Capsules twice daily

14. Post Surgical Recovery-. Pain in the wound, slow recovery, poor appetite, lethargy -2 Capsules twice daily

15. Deteriorating Immune Functions.- Prone to sickness, cold, flu, poor appetite, poor quality of sleep.- 2 Capsules twice daily

16. Liver Protection.- Fatty liver, alcohol induced liver disease, cirrhosis, hepatitis.- 2 Capsules twice daily

17. Gynaecological Care- Menstruation cramps, menopause syndrome, cervical ulceration, cervical inflammation, irregular menstruation, mastitis, pruritus vulvae. -2 Capsules twice daily

18. Children. -Deteriorating immune function, anorexia, partially for a particular kind of food, malnutrition, poor health, low IQ, slow growth, short. -2 Capsules twice daily

19. Others- Burn, scald, bedsore, cut, frostbite. -2 Capsules twice daily

SNE capsule will replace 90% of All nutrition food supplement that available in market today either come from company A, company N, Company S and others because NO-ONE, NO OTHERS PRODUCT  can match SNE composition and ingredients. SNE is so comprehensive and it’s cover such a vast benefit to mankind in fighting against / prevention of diseases.

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